I have read about and have actually dreamt about Vishnu. I am 61 years old, and am a retiree from the Air Force AND the state of Illinois and I would LOVE to volunteer to help preserve and restore the Vishnu site. I have assisted in historic preservation before out west and did not even realize something as Vishnu even existed this close to where I live here in Rockford. If there are any restoration or presevation projects involving Vishnu PLEASE let me know as I have a feeling that there is a reason I have been made aware of this at this time. This is important...the history of this land beckons and those of us who feel it are compelled to act to preserve and restore its beauty and history. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by telephone...815-282-3509. Thank you for your efforts to restore Vishnu.

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I was stuck there for 5 days in the winter of 72 because my car would'nt go up the hill in the driveway. Nothing went bump in the nite it was just awesomely quiet.

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It was a great privilege to finally see Vishnu. I truly hope that the restoration effort takes off, and that the Capitol Hotel can shine as it was meant to. Thank you, Friends of Vishnu, for putting this together!

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